Martin Barry (1927 – 1999) is one of Maryland’s most esteemed pen and ink and watercolor artists.  His fine art captures the beauty in features that make the East Coast unique, which include distinctive sports, landmarks, and universities.  This website offers limited prints of this highly-acclaimed artist.

Barry’s unique artistic style makes his watercolor art and pen and ink drawings one-of-a-kind.  Showcased on this website are some of Barry’s fine landscape art, accurately depicting several well-known landmarks along the East Coast.  Barry’s landscape art portrays lighthouses throughout the US, schools, universities, and the US Naval AcademyNautical themed artwork and poster art is also included on this website.

Barry ‘s artistry is also well-respected within the East Coast’s art community.  Feel free to peruse the artist’s landscape watercolor art and pen and ink drawings based upon landmarks in the following areas along the East Coast:

Limited Prints and posters of Martin Barry’s original artwork is for sale and can be purchased here.  Both black and white ink drawings and hand-painted watercolor limited prints are available.   Martin Barry’s original artwork makes a fantastic addition for any art collector who has an affinity for the beauty of Maryland and the East Coast.

More information about Martin Barry can be found on the About the Artist page.

Thomas Point Light House

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